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Varsity Letter Program

Varsity letters are awarded for excellence in:
  • Academics
  • Athletics
  • Arts
  • Service
Academics:  To letter in a given school year, students must have a minimum GPA of 3.75 for both consecutive semesters.
Athletics:  Letters in athletics are given to players who participate and play on a varsity level sports team and who, during the season, are failing no more than one class.
Arts:  Students who meet the qualifications of membership in the International Thespian Society receive their varsity letter in performing arts.  Students can also letter in music by demonstrating a similar level of achievement through the music point system.
Varsity Music Form
Service:  High school students who submit evidence of a minimum of 50 community service hours -10 more than what is required to graduate - earn a varsity letter in service.
For their first varsity letter, students will receive a certificate, a chenille 'R' patch, and the pin that represents their area of achievement. Subsequent varsity letters will be noted with a certificate and a pin.
Students can choose to purchase a Renaissance Secondary letter jacket and have the patch sewn onto it. Information about ordering letter jackets is below. Our letter jacket vendor has recently changed.
  • Jackets can be purchased from B&H Renegade Sports in Denver
  • Visit to set up an appointment to get fitted for your jacket.
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