Matthew Riffee


Hello Renaissance Community.  My name is Matthew Riffee and I am mega pumped to join the Renaissance Science team.  Up until May of 2018, almost all of my life has been spent in Missouri until my family moved to Castle Rock.  My wife, two sons (Owen age 9 and Jude age 6), dog (Luke Skywalker), and I really didn't have a reason to leave Missouri, except for the fact that we craved adventure.  With this desire in mind, I started searching the United States for adventurous destinations with an amazing community, hence the reason we now live in Castle Rock, CO.  Our family doesn't waste a single moment of time as we try to live life to its fullest.  We love weekend excursions and adventures, the outdoors, sports, and experiencing all that Colorado has to offer.


My personal education background includes a Bachelors of Science in Biology with a Chemistry Minor to pair up with my Masters of Arts in Teaching degree, both of which come from Missouri State. I come to Renaissance with a little over 13 years of public education teaching experience, most of which comes from Francis Howell School District in St. Louis, MO and this past year at Emily Griffith High School within Denver Public Schools.  During those 13 years, I have come to realize that education must be more than just facts, figures, and the mundane routine of playing school.  With this in mind, I structure my classroom and lessons with nothing but the students in mind.  I prefer fun, relevant, and rigorous challenges centered around a blended learning model that includes flipped learning, mastery/standards-based learning, Project and Problem based learning, and a mixture of other methods. This allows me to tailor and fine-tune learning to the individual needs of students.  Due to style, methods, and dedication to education, I have been awarded the Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award, Francis Howell School District Teacher of the Year,  and the EducationPlus CSD Insurance Trust Scholarship recipient.


It is truly exciting to start a new chapter with Renaissance Secondary.