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Justin Mouttet

Justin Mouttet and his wife Jen moved to Castle Rock in 2013 so their son Andrew could attend Renaissance Elementary.  They are an RSS founding family and Andrew is now an 8th grader at RSS while their daughter Violet is in 1st grade at Renaissance.  Their middle daughter Avery has Down Syndrome and attends Meadow View with her many friends.

Justin grew up in Omaha, NE but moved west to attend Colorado Christian University where he has a degree in Biology.  He served as Executive Director for Project C.U.R.E. in Denver, an international medical relief group. As a science teacher he served with the Colorado League of Charter Schools and led Outdoor Labs and science fairs.  Over seven years of building a camp program and guiding youth trips, he has spent 100 nights outdoors and earned his EMT-B certification.

More recently, Justin has worked in real estate as a commercial property manager and developing energy efficiency projects.  In his down time he has listened to every episode of Freakonomics Radio and picked up a love for jiu-jitsu.  He has also invested 12 years in training the four archetypes of the masculine and a system of fostering personal growth. 



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