Melanie Dolan

Educational Assistant

My name is Melanie Dolan, and I am one of the Educational Assistants here at Renaissance.


I was born and raised in a small town in Minnesota, where the highlights of my young childhood included entire summers at Lake Sylvia with my family, and never-ending adventures on our 200 acre farm, like fort-building, slopping in the mud, and sliding off the shed roof after big winter storms.


I met my lifelong sweetheart, Sean, in my small hometown. After getting married and adding our two children to our family, we headed west to the great state of Colorado. We came for a job, but will be staying for all the beauty and benefits of this stunning place. Fresh air, no bugs, gorgeous views; the only thing we miss are the lakes!


I am a voracious reader, and my thirst for knowing the next amazing (sometimes even practical!) thing seems bottomless. The world is a wonder to me, and I feel honored to play some part in sharing the wonder with others on this journey. The mission of RSS aligns with the part of my heart that desires to share the joy of knowing ourselves, our world, and then using our gifts and interests to love on others around us.


It has been a joy to journey with the entire Crew here at RSS. The entire staff models a commitment to growth, service, and creative problem solving; and a sincere desire to build meaningful bridges with students and the world around us. I’m honored to be small part of our student’s lives, and hope that each one finds a place in this Crew that feels like home.