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I am Delia and I love being a part of the Renaissance Secondary Crew. 

I grew up and started my family in Southern California. In 2006, we moved to Colorado and have felt at home ever since.  I am happily married with 2 kids, a dog, a cat, a tank full of fish, and a snake.  If my kids had their way we'd have many more animals in our house.


We have been a part of the Renaissance community since 2010 when my daughter started kindergarten and I can’t think of a better fit for our family.

I love reading and doing puzzles.  As a family, we like hiking, camping, and playing board games.  If we get some kid-free time, my husband and I like to sing karaoke.


I really enjoy spending my days with RSS students, families, teachers, and staff. (We really have the best.)

Delia Hardy


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