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Kristin Hall

Kristin Hall

Hi Crew!

I am excited to be back at Renaissance Secondary after taking a few months off to explore another career field. I missed my Renaissance family and community tremendously. I am excited to be working in the office this year and looking forward to being behind the scenes for a bit.


My son, Mason, is a senior at Renaissance this year. He has been a part of the community since 5th grade and I followed shortly after when he was in 6th. He came to Renaissance Secondary in 7th grade and it has been awesome to watch him grow and thrive in this environment. 

As for me, other than the short hiatus last year, I have been at Renaissance Secondary since January of 2019. I received my Bachelor's in Elementary Education from the University of Arizona in 1997 and have been working in education in some format ever since. It has been the biggest blessing of my life to be able to work at my son's school and I would not trade the memories and opportunities for anything. 

Operations Assistant

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