Lunch Policy

To ensure the correct quantity of food is prepared for school lunches, the following policies apply:

  • Advance ordering: Orders may be placed a minimum of two days in advance, and may be placed as far ahead as are posted. There are no same-day meal orders taken.

  • Order changes: An order may be changed a minimum 2 days in advance by calling 303-778-0916.

  • Replacement lunches: A few additional lunches are provided to the school in case a student drops their meal or otherwise requires a replacement lunch. Emergency lunches are for students who purchased a lunch for that day, and an accident occurs. They are not for students who forgot to order.

  • Emergency lunches: If your student does not have an order and requires a meal, we will attempt to supply a meal from available food items. This meal will be charged to you at $1.00 additional per meal.

  • Sick days: If your student is ill, order can be changed or cancelled per the above policies. In the event of a one or two-day absence, a refund will not be given.

  • Snow days: If your school declares a snow day, a refund will not be given. Closures for more than one day will be considered on an individual basis. **Although we understand sick days and snow days are unexpected, we cannot refund these meals because the food is purchased and prepared in advance.**

  • Sack lunches: Sack lunches will be substituted for meal orders when your student goes on an outing, IF the administration notifies us 48 hours in advance. The school administrative contact is the only person who may order a change to sack lunches for outings and field trips.

We look forward to serving your students throughout the school year!