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Tess Simpson

Personalized Learning Guide

(Moderate Needs Teacher)

I am an educator at heart – it is my true love and brings me so much joy. Watching students getting excited and passionate about a real-world project is where my heart is! I have always wanted to ignite a desire for education, independence, and problem solving in students. As a student, I was taught to learn teachers’ teaching styles and then re-create that in assignments.  This is regurgitation and not true learning – exactly the opposite of what I want for my students!  I see RSS as a school that cultivates students into independent, thoughtful human beings and this is why I am so excited to be a part of this team!


I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Psychology from the University of Central Arkansas. After receiving my degree, I worked as Volunteer Coordinator at Camp Aldersgate, a camp for children with special needs and medical conditions. Next, I joined Teach for America and taught for two years at a new school as their founding special educator. During this time, I also received my masters from the University of Colorado in Curriculum and Instruction.  I then taught for five years as a severe needs teacher, and loved it. RSS drew me because of the honest work they are doing to serve students in special education. We have the best team of dedicated people giving their all to do the right things for students! 


Now I have two boys of my own, Cooper and Asher. Watching their excitement and engagement as they learn about the world is so inspiring and through them I see even more what I want to create for students - wonder, nature connections, and the joy of education. My family enjoys camping, going to concerts, cooking together, playing games together, travelling, and just generally adventuring togethering! 


My favorite quote is "I fight with love and I laugh with gotta live light enough to see the humor, and long enough to see some change." - Ani DiFranco


As your child's educator, I promise to fight for them with love and laugh with rage with them so they can see their own power to make change.

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