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Tess Aragon

Tess (Elaine) Aragon


Greetings! My name is Tess Aragon, and I am delighted to join the crew at Renaissance as High School English Teacher! I am a Colorado native; I grew up in Littleton and have lived in Fort Collins, Denver, and Golden, before moving to Douglas County. I earned my B.A. in English, with a minor in Secondary Education, from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2018 after a 15+ year career in Financial Services. During my time as a student, I studied business, music, writing, apparel design, and history before deciding to become an English Teacher. One thing that drew me to Renaissance is the emphasis on empathy and personal growth; I believe in teaching students first and content second. Two main goals of mine as a teacher are to help students cultivate their own personal growth, and to foster in them a love of reading that will hopefully go far beyond school walls. 


I consider myself a lifelong learner, and I love to explore new places and cities; some of my favorites so far have been Venice, Seattle, New Orleans, Victoria, and Rome. I love art and music, and have recently decided to take up painting, although nothing I’ve done so far has been gallery-worthy. I am the mom of an amazing, precocious second grader who has learned to ride a bike and skateboard this Summer. Together, she and I like to read books, visit museums, and design cool Halloween costumes for her each year. Some lifetime personal goals I have are to read more, earn a Master’s Degree, become more fluent in Spanish, try my hand at  entrepreneurship, and see as much of the world as I can. This year, however, I’m just excited to get to know my students and to have an awesome year of learning!

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