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Tonya Gerdes

Tonya Gerdes

High School Math

I embrace the growth mindset as a lifelong lover of learning!


I graduated from Texas A&M in 1994 with my MEd. After graduation I taught high school math, developmental math at Texas Tech University, and secondary math methods to preservice teachers at Texas A&M. I was lucky to be able to stay home raising my children until I went back to work full time teaching middle school math. I am THRILLED to be at RSS teaching high school students and look forward to the upcoming year. 

I was born overseas in a military family. Although we settled out of the military when I was very young, the wanderlust had already firmly implanted and as an adult I have traveled extensively. A few of my favorite adventures include rock climbing and mountaineering, traveling all the way across Russia, spring holidays in England and France, exploring Peru, and getting my advanced diving certification in the Red Sea. The kids and I were lucky to live 3 years in Okinawa, Japan and 3 years in the DC area before moving to Colorado.

While there is no diving here in Castle Rock, there is plenty to keep us busy and happy outdoors! I still enjoy hiking and have added zip lining and snowboarding to favorite outdoor activities.

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