Student practicing outside during guitar X-Block

An X-Block (short for Exploratory Block) is an elective course developed around student interests and passions, which can be related to academics, athletics, or interdisciplinary arts. Most X-Blocks are scheduled at the end of the day to allow students to participate in competitive sports (at Renaissance or their home school) or other off-site after school activities. 

Some examples of X-Block courses that have been offered include:

Skateboarding and Biking

Off-Campus, Non-Renaissance Sponsored Activities

Students may be allowed to participate in off-campus activities that are academic, fitness, or arts related --and receive credit for their participation. Students must submit a request and proposal, subject to approval by their Advisory Crew teacher, as well as complete the steps outlined below. This process must be followed for each quarter in which a student participates.   

Step 1:

Initiate your request to take part in an off-campus X-Block activity for this quarter using this Form prior to the start of the quarter.

Step 2:

Option A: Print the forms linked in these instructions.

Option B: Pick up a packet of forms from the front office.

Step 3:

Complete the Parent/Student Agreement and proposal -return it to the front office at the start of the quarter. This form requires signatures from a parent and your Advisory Crew teacher.

Step 4:

Take the Coach/Instructor Agreement to your coach/instructor and ask him/her to complete it. Return it to the front office at the start of the quarter.  

Step 5:

Participate in your off-campus activity as your X-Block selection!

Step 6:

Return the completed Attendance and Grade Tracking Form to the front office at the end of the quarter. Failure to return this form prior to the end of the quarter may result in no credit being received for the activity.

Important: If all forms are not completed and submitted when due, the student may not receive credit for their participation in the off-campus activity.



9:00AM - 4:30PM (Middle School)

9:05AM-4:25PM (High School)


8:30AM - 4:30PM



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