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A students capstone project for a garden


Exploring the intersection of a personal passion and a need in the world

The Senior Capstone experience provides seniors with an opportunity to apply their learning to a complex and challenging project aligned with their interests or passions. Students develop a robust plan and product, oftentimes reaching well-beyond this high school experience.


The Senior Capstone process is a year-long endeavor, consisting of several phases:

  • Project Proposal

    • Students work with their teacher to develop a proposal for their project, including identifying committee members working 'in the field' related to their area of interest.

  • Paper or Portfolio

    • Students write high quality papers related to their topic, using appropriate format and citations and/or gather a compelling body of evidence in support of their project.

  • Product/Performance

    • Students create a product, service, business, or performance, which is the culmination of their year-long project. 

  • Presentation

    • Students present their project to teachers, peers, and experts in the field.


The Senior Capstone experience is a fitting conclusion to the Renaissance high school experience. Through the project, students demonstrate accumulated skills in time-management, research, problem-solving, human interaction, organization, public-speaking and self-reliance -  the very skills and abilities which students will be expected to demonstrate in college, modern careers, and adult life. 

Senior Capstone Projects

A student solves environmental issues with environmental engineering and biomimiery
Student presenting her design of sustainable reusable beeswax food storage bags.

Lily B. presents her design process and business plan for her sustainable reusable beeswax food storage bags.

Student builds a self-sustaining garden.

Julia R. builds a self-sustaining garden, programming moisture sensors using Arduino technology.

Student presents her final product in her exploration of a career as a Park Ranger.

Senior Kelsey H. presents her final product in her exploration of a career as a Park Ranger: a website devoted to safety in the National Parks.

Student Abby D. uses environmental engineering to build a water filtration system designed to be used on small streams and homes.

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