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A day customized to bring out the best in students

Later start time

Our day begins later, which research shows lends itself to more focused, and better performing, teenagers. Middle Schoolers begin at 9am and High Schoolers at 9:05am.

More focus, less hallway

Rather than moving from one class or subject at short intervals, students have longer, more flexible blocks of time that allow students to “dig deep” into a project or skill.  The crew spaces are designed to flexibly promote collaboration within and among crews, so there's less time spent negotiating hallways and more time learning to solve real-world problems.

Time to get outside

Students benefit from the emotional and cognitive effects of a connection to nature through open exterior walkways, ample windows, and a central, open courtyard.  A slightly longer school day allows for 40+ minutes for lunch (including an opportunity to spend time outdoors).

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