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Shannon Herzog

Shannon Herzog

Middle School 
English Language Arts

Hi there! My name is Shannon Herzog. I am so lucky to live such an extraordinary life. I have two boys, Connor (13) and Cade (10), a great husband named Mike, and an old mutt named Puppa, who provides unconditional loyalty to our family. I love doing anything in the water including wakeboarding, paddle boarding, river rafting, swimming, or riding waves. I also love playing in the trees; I love hiking, walking, rock climbing, and exploring. I enjoy reading, listening to podcasts, painting, and connecting with friends. I had a magical childhood set in the small mountain town of Frisco, Colorado and love to visit as much as possible.

To get to be a part of the Renaissance Secondary staff is a dream! I have been teaching for 19 years at various grade levels. I believe that the pursuit of challenge and innovation keeps the relationship between teaching and learning fresh and alive. I have my MA in Reading from UNC, which has cultivated a passion for connecting with kids through storytelling, reading, and writing.

I believe that when we have the opportunity to build relationships through play, inquiry, and hard work we are able to capitalize on human connection in a way that makes learning relevant, meaningful and lasting. Empowering learners with a sense of identity and responding to their curiosities with authentic experiences provides possibilities for problem solving and human centered design. I believe that our students can advocate, influence and spark change through empathy, creativity, and that connection can transform the educational experience and our world.

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