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Students wearing letter jackets.

Varsity Letter Program

Varsity letters are awarded for excellence in:
  • Academics
  • Athletics
  • Arts
  • Service
Female student with letter jacket.
A group of students wearing letter jackets.
A female student wearing a letter jacket.
Academics:  To letter in a given school year, students must have a minimum GPA of 3.75 for both consecutive semesters.
Athletics:  Letters in athletics are given to players who participate and play on a varsity level sports team and who, during the season, are failing no more than one class.
Arts:  Students can earn varsity letters in Drama, Music, and Visual Arts. Students who qualify for a letter in drama also meet the requirements to join the Renaissance Secondary chapter of the International Thespian Society. Points for all three arts disciplines can be recorded on the Arts Varsity Letter Point Submission Form
*Please note that points can only be applied toward one varsity letter.  For example, points earned designing stage elements for a theatrical production can be applied to either the drama or visual arts letter but not to both.
Service:  High school students who submit evidence of a minimum of 50 community service hours -10 more than what is required to graduate - earn a varsity letter in service.
For their first varsity letter, students will receive a certificate, a chenille 'R' patch, and the pin that represents their area of achievement. Subsequent varsity letters will be noted with a certificate and a pin.
Students can choose to purchase a Renaissance Secondary letter jacket and have the patch sewn onto it. Information about ordering letter jackets is below. Our letter jacket vendor has recently changed.
  • Jackets can be purchased from B&H Renegade Sports in Denver
  • Visit to set up an appointment to get fitted for your jacket.
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