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Chelsea Johnson

I am so excited to be back at Renaissance Secondary and in the theatre program I started many years ago (when we first opened our doors!).


I have been an expeditionary performing arts teacher for over 12 years, with endorsements in Drama (K-12), Elementary Education (K-6), and a masters degree in Educational Leadership, with a Colorado professional principals license. My teaching is inspired by hands-on, real world experience.


Some of my favorite inquiry-based classes taught have been Improv Theatre, Student-Written and Produced One-Acts, Creative Movement and Social Dance, SLAM poetry, and Glee-Style Musical Theatre (to name a few!). Developing high quality standards through authentic feedback, listening to student voice to inspire innovation, promoting opportunities for a student's personal artistic reflection, and discovering ways for student work to impact real audiences are driving forces for my work in theatre education and in developing strong performers.


As a former Director of the Murder Mystery Company (Denver), professional jazz and singer/songwriter vocalist, and a teaching artist and adjudicator for the Denver Center for the Performing Arts (DCPA), I feel I bring unique perspectives and experience that can help lead my student performers towards continued success and rewarding careers in the performing arts.  


This year, I also get to serve as part of our Gifted and Talented Facilitation Team. This is a new role for me. I am enjoying the continued education in differentiation, learning about meeting students where they are and finding new ways to continually challenge them. I hope, through this work, I can help students see the importance of being a lifelong learner and taking educated risks that promote personal/professional growth. 

Chelsea Johnson

Theater Director

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