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Marisa Rincon

Marisa Rincon


Of all the hats that I wear in life, teaching is one of the most rewarding. 


Spanish is not just a language; learning languages comes hand in hand with many things: culture, customs, food, places, idiosyncrasies, ways of thinking, etc. When I teach Spanish, I teach my language, but I also teach my culture, the places I have been, and the people I’ve met. Because what are we but what we have lived? The experiences that brought us to this point?


I am originally from Mexico, although I have also lived in Spain, and have been in the United States for 26 years. In Mexico I have lived in Guadalajara, Mexico City, and Mexicali. In Spain I have lived in Seville, Madrid, and the Canary Islands. In the United States I have lived in Los Angeles, Modesto, Sacramento, San Diego, and Denver. And I have traveled all around those places.


On a professional level, I am a copywriter, translator, radio DJ, creative director, television producer, and teacher ... all in Spanish, of course! On a personal level, I am the mother of two wonderful boys. The older one is in public relations and the other is a Chef. Both are bilingual and tricultural.

I like history, geography, literature, reading, writing, traveling, and cooking. My dream is to write novels… one day!  My favorite places in Colorado are Evergreen and Breckenridge. My favorite places in the world are Seville and Mexico City.


I learned English in my 30s, and it was not easy. That is something I have in common with my students. To speak another language, you need shamelessness or ... courage. You need to risk making mistakes to improve and ignore those who make fun -  for they surely have not had to learn to speak another language. 


I am so excited to be a part of the Renaissance crew and I can’t wait to meet my new students this year.

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