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Sasha Ross

This is my first year at Renaissance and I’m excited for the upcoming adventures and challenges! I have a background in Art Education and have taught various two-dimensional and Art History classes to grades 6-12 since 2013. While I had a blast teaching and fostering a creative environment for students, what I found that I loved the most was building meaningful connections with so many unique individuals across developmental stages. I explored a few different types of jobs in between educational roles but eventually decided to pursue School Counseling. I recently graduated with my Master of Arts from the University of Denver and I’m thrilled to continue to learn and grow alongside the Renaissance crew!


When I’m not at school I love being outside with my two pups, Ingrid and Murphy, spending time with friends, and traveling home to North Carolina to visit family whenever possible. I’m passionate about mental health, education, social justice, queer issues, and self-expression.

Sasha Ross

Student Support Counselor

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