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The unique and innovative programming at Renaissance Secondary requires additional funding in the form of student fees. Renaissance utilizes a once per year flat fee of $1,200 toward educational program needs*.  Fees are due in full on the first day of school.

These family contributions help offset the costs of programming, including:

  • Adventure Education program (transportation, staff, equipment, etc.)
  • Instructional Supplies (tools and materials, etc.)
  • Field work (transportation, activity costs, etc.)
  • Technology
  • Books

Student fees are due no later than the first day of school and are non-refundable once the school year begins.

*Out-of-state fieldwork and some other travel opportunities will require additional parent contributions.

Families who qualify for free or reduced price meals may be eligible for financial aid awards for school fees. Please visit to complete the application.  

Financial Aid

Reduce your Fees!

Have a $1,000 per month grocery bill? Link your King Soopers Reward Card and save toward next year's fees!  

Now you can link Renaissance Secondary School to your King Soopers Rewards Card.  To link your King Soopers Rewards Card to Renaissance Secondary School, log into your account at:

Once logged in, you can search for Renaissance Secondary School either by name or “LH246,” and then click “Enroll.”

King Soopers issues statements in April, July, October, and January.  You can find these statements on your King Soopers app, or by logging into the King Soopers website.  Please take a screen shot or print the statement and include a date and time stamp; statements should be emailed to

Rewards statements issued in July 2020, October 2020, January 2021, and April 2021 will be applied toward 2021-22 fees.


Rewards statements issued in July 2021, October 2021, January 2022, and April 2022 will be applied toward 2022-23 fees.

Of the total amount that King Soopers donates to Renaissance, 50% of the amount will be credited as a donation, and the remaining 50% of the amount will be credited to student fees. 


If you do not send in your rewards summary by the due date, your rewards will still go to the school, but will not be applied to your fees. 

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