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How much does lunch cost?

Lunch at Renaissance Secondary School is priced at $4.00 and includes an entrée, fruit, veggies, and milk. A la carte options are available; pricing varies by item.

How do I add funds to my child's lunch account?

Please ensure your children have money in their lunch account. To add money to your child's account and set up low balance alerts, please visit Please familiarize yourself with the DCSD Negative Balance Policy.

How do I set purchase restrictions to my child's lunch account?

For meal account refunds, transfers and to set purchasing restrictions, contact Paula Wilson at:

Why aren't school meals free anymore?

Over the last two years, the USDA has provided schools waivers that provide meals at no cost to students. Those waivers will expire after the 2021-2022 school year ends. This means a return to paid meals beginning August 8, 2022, for students that do not qualify for Free or Reduced Meal Benefits.

How do I apply for free or reduced-price meal benefits?

Meal benefit applications for free and reduced priced meals must be completed each year - please APPLY HERE! All families must submit an application in order to receive free or reduced-price meals for the 2022-2023 school year. Current meal benefit applications are crucial to ensure that eligible students continue to have access to free or reduced-price meals. These applications also provide additional benefits to students and schools, including school fee waivers, and additional school funding; see additional benefits here.

Please note that families submitting an application will need to add money to their child's account or send lunch with their child until the application has been processed and approved. Please allow for ten business days from the day the application is received at Douglas County School District, Nutrition Services in Castle Rock, for processing.

Please apply online for free or reduced-price meals at If you are in need of a paper application, please contact us at or Susan Babineau at 303-387-0368. All applications are available in both English and Spanish. If another language is needed, contact Susan Babineau.

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