Covid 19



My child has a [insert ailment here].  Should I send him/her to school today?

Please use the following guidance released by CPDHE: Can I go to school today?

What happens if my child feels or appears unwell AFTER arriving at Renaissance?

Please use the following guidance released by CPDHE:
Addressing Symptoms at School

My child was sick; when can he/she return to school?

Please use the following guidance released by CPDHE: Return to Learn

How will Renaissance determine when a student needs to quarantine?

Did the exposure occur at school? If an exposure occurs while at school, current guidance recommends quarantine in very limited, high-risk situations including Physical Education, Choir, Band, and Performing Arts. In the event we are notified of a COVID positive student who was in close contact with other students during a high-risk situation while at school, we will work with Tri-County Health to determine appropriate next steps. Did the exposure occur outside of school? If an exposure occurs outside of school, we are required to utilize Colorado's Practical Guide for Operationalizing CDC's School Guidance. Please follow the flowchart in Who Needs to Quarantine? to determine if your child should quarantine as a result of an exposure outside of school. Please reach out to for assistance in evaluating your child's exposure.

We suspect or know that someone in our household has COVID-19.  Do I need to notify Renaissance?

Yes, Please call Renaissance Secondary at 620.689.6120 or email us at Our staff will reach out to gather more information.

Should we be tested? Where can we be tested?

Please reference the CDPHE COVID-19 webpage for the latest recommendations: Colorado continues to provide Free Community Testing Sites. Use this link to identify a Free Community Testing Site near you, and register in advance. Colorado is also offering free testing at select pharmacies; in the Castle Rock area, use this link to register at Walgreens in advance, as spots are limited.